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We make eCommerce simple

It's no secret: selling online can be tricky. That's why, for over 10 years, we've been helping brands tackle seemingly "unmanageable" challenges (hello, Amazon!) by breaking them down into smaller, more manageable pieces to help you grow faster in eCommerce.

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How it started

e-ComaseCommerce Made Simple was founded by Jérôme de Guigné in 2013, with the simple idea of helping brands sell products online. We quickly realised companies were struggling with establishing profitable and sustainable eCommerce strategies. That’s when ‘Amazon Made Simple’ was born, which later became ‘eCommerce Made Simple’ – e-Comas.

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How it's going

Today our experts coach brands and handle their accounts to sustainably grow their business and improve their agility in tackling everyday challenges with online retail. Working across Amazon, Shopify, CDiscount, Veepee, Bol, Walmart and more, we scale your business and make it profitable by combining global expansion, retail media and data technology to create winning strategies that help you shine in online retail.
Put simply, we help brands grow faster on eCommerce – globally, quickly, across multiple online channels!

Global full service eCommerce agency

We make eCommerce simple with three pillars of full-service account management to power your brand’s global growth across all major online marketplaces.

Global expansion

Our experts have successfully built brands for over a decade on Amazon and beyond. We speak the local languages and have strong partnerships with key eCommerce players to drive your business forward globally. "

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Retail Media

We’re an Amazon-verified partner and Google Ads-certified agency, handling your advertising campaigns and leveraging the full capabilities of digital media platforms to expand your reach and grow your sales.

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Data & Technology

Get better visibility over your business and make growth-fuelling data-driven decisions with the latest tech, which automates processes and gives you a holistic view of customer habits, major trends and more.

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Our clients

We work with multinational retailers and boutique brands to develop, execute and maintain eCommerce strategies worldwide.

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Real Shades
Sky Organics
My Carry Potty
Zero Water
Simply Nursery
Curch & Dwight
Pure for Men

Get To Know Us

We're a friendly bunch who love getting creative to solve problems in unique ways. Our passion lies in helping our clients harness the power of eCommerce, driving innovation and growth in the ever-evolving digital landscape. And we work closely with you, taking the time to understand your needs and tailoring our approach.

Our Mission

To help brands thrive on the world's top online marketplaces, coaching you in the key success factors of eCommerce.

Our Vision

To be the most customer-centric eCommerce global agency in North America and Europe.

Our Values

Entrepreneurship, Benevolence, Dedication, Optimism, and Integrity

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